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tv   Headline News  RT  August 23, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a major u.k. web spying base is uncovered in the middle east intercepting vast quantities of data on behalf of other intelligence agencies. the go on is pressing for access to the scene of an alleged chemical attack in syria when best to gauge how the ongoing chaos is allowing al qaeda linked organizations to thrive. and each of the deposed dictator leaves prison while the question on whether he will serve life behind bars for the deadly crackdown during the twenty eleven revolt for maine's are nonces.
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international news and comments live from moscow this is us here with me thanks for joining us. the u.k.'s been running a major surveillance base in the middle east as part of a bigger one point five billion dollar spying project the information has been uncovered from data lead by the future whistleblower edward snowden and it was more here is a laura smith so after longing to hear the details. well you're right this is this is the latest revelation from the leaks made by edward snowden this time it's an exclusive to the independent newspaper and they're saying that person is running this secret internet monitoring base in the middle east to basically look at all traffic that goes in through the middle east they intercept vast quantities of emails telephone calls general internet traffic you name it to pass on then to western intelligence agencies and of course to be used by d.c. h.q. here in the u.k. what it does is basically it taps into undersea cables which are called by some the
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backbone of the internet so that carry all internet traffic all around the world extracts the data and then that's passed after it's been de coded and of course the national security agency in america it's particularly valuable they say because it can access cables that pass between submarines so that's obviously highly secret data but the program can literally intercept everything that goes over the internet it's done much more widely than just in the middle east as part of this billion pound project these why drain is the global interception of all the digital data that goes over the internet so you say it's just a taste of the full scope of the surveillance operations isn't. it's a huge huge surveillance operation and funnily enough it started this this technology that intercepts the data started as early as nine hundred seventy and actually just off russia the us found out that there were communications cables
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linking to suit the naval bases just off eastern russia and they decided they wanted to see what was going in so they sent down divers and submarines their tax little devices on to the lines they left the merry little bit like lobster pots and then they came back a few weeks later took them up again and sent them to the n.s.a. for decoding so of course there's loads more cable now than just that link there's more than half a million miles worth of cable running all over the world cable sort of about that big about as big as a garden hose and it contains all the world's e-mails tweets texts literally everything that goes over the internet and as late as two thousand and five the gathering of that data was pretty much the same as it was back in the seventy's so they went down with divers these little lobster pots but that might not be necessary because of course these cables make landfall all around the world where the data is then passed on to domestic networks and it's much easier and probably cheaper to tap on land so they gain access to the landing stations the security agencies they use small devices which capture the light that's being sent through
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the cables send it through a prism which decodes it and copies it and turns it into readable data it's practically imperceptible to people who are using the internet and if a network administrator did notice it they probably think there was some sort of kink in the connection somewhere so. people also say that the probes themselves are available on e-bay for just a thousand dollars to really anyone has access to this technology we've got a map to show you which i hope you can see which shows that lots of the transatlantic cables make landfall nowhere other but here in the u.k. so of course the u.k. is cooperation in all of this is absolutely essential intelligence agencies of course deny that there collect doing any kind of wholesale collection of data that goes through the internet they say the operation is targeted at security preempting terror attacks and an organized crime but privacy organizations very much doubt that. interesting stuff laura smith live from london there are many thanks indeed
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were shaded thank you we had to say overseas surveillance reach has also sparked plenty of controversy in europe where they german government is increasingly on the defensive over its corporation would be notorious agency berlin has been forced to publicly deny accuse ations by a german newspaper which claimed many of the country's computers work as a bonded door for the u.s. organization this comes in the aftermath of edward snowden's. in fact the top european target for the n.s.a. they cross atlantics of valence which barely that south helped facilitate apparently targets around half a billion german data connections every month and this includes phone calls emails and mobile text messages and web chats all the data ends up being stored right at the n.s.a.'s headquarters near washington tens of millions of german connections are tracked and recorded every single day and that number doubles during busy holidays on the reports now on how deep this imbalance runs.
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should the average person be concerned about their online information being stored by security services you can analyze a person's social graph as it's called so you will know with whom this prisoner is in contact with and you will be able to identify all the commuters partners and also the type of communications. and also to events in germany the country's highest court ruled that storing data on citizens was unconstitutional however leaked documents show very close ties between the german b.n. d. and the n.s.a. with information on germans being passed from one to the other all in the name of security says the woman at the top. it's impossible to have security without inconveniences those involved in data protection say the call demian says it's now
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gone too far we had suspicions that such a scheme was in place but not the sheer the extent of this regular. and. unwarranted and disproportionate measures that are taking taken place by foreign intelligence services and we definitely need limits and effective and transparent controls the major worry for the individual is that a system that we are told is there to protect so. it's been used to keep the indiscriminate what we do on line the system is not working for law enforcement this is no are catching us this is about taking all of our communication and allowing to identify our communication. it's fairly common practice for an employer to check out a prospective employee on social networks to find out more about who they are about to hire however the level of information gathered by security services is in
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a different league entirely with this level of information you could see exactly who people call in e-mail on a regular basis see that's a doctor the employer may think this guy's going to have too many sick days and go elsewhere using information that's supposed to be confidential on social networking sites like facebook people freely give away information about themselves but long after you've clicked like on a web page or even search for something online that information follows you like a shadow they will know what you have been on the last three or four or five years maybe what you have been interested in through all the time or you might not even remember yourself would you have been looking on google but the system will know peter all over r.t. early. across in the us independent online resources are coming under fresh pressure to hand over user data to the n.s.a. and earlier my colleague matras that spoke with the founder of encrypted private
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messaging service who wants to move his website offshore in order to protect privacy. what's happened is the spies have turned the companies like apple and google and despised themselves i think the whole n.s.a. spying has had a seriously. negative impact on the trust and faith people have in the political and legal system in the united states at this point i think that people are looking at moving themselves their assets and their information offshore. and one of your previous interviews you had said that you feel the u.s. could turn into electronic prison can you elaborate on a little bit well if everybody is watching everything that you do and you don't know where that information is going there's no recourse in terms of what happens with the information there's no recourse in terms of. how you can remedy things you know for example the no fly list there's no way you don't even know you're on and so you go to the airport they say you can't fly and there's no way to get
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yourself off of it and you don't know what got you want in the first place so you know that's just for flying now we start talking about the electronic surveillance it's becoming a serious problem for a lot of people a lot of people are now starting to realize that the terrorists aren't the people they're after it's the people who are just ordinary people paying taxes and doing their jobs president obama has said some privacy could be breached in order to provide security where do you think privacy rights are headed in the u.s. where they're headed in the u.s. i don't think they exist anymore in the u.s. that's what i'm hearing from our customers they are you know they understand that there's been it's not just a privacy breach it's like the whole dike is just been completely excavating the oceans been pouring in. this is our c.n.n. coming up this hour talking nature's wrath they want to hear to can the russian emergency services or brace to evacuate more people to use a catastrophic flooding in the country's far east our report from one of the worst
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hit regions in just a few minutes. russia has searched this cyrano sources to cooperate with u.n. inspectors who are currently pressing to be allowed access to the scene of an alleged chemical attack in the country rebel fighters have accused the government of gassing more than a thousand people on the outskirts of damascus and wednesday the claims have been strongly rejected by authorities the u.n. has aged an immediate probe into the matter however it said there's no evidence as yet of chemical weapons use historian mark almond has been closely following the conflict so the allegations against their son the government don't add up. the syrian government would have to be not only very brutal but very stupid to have done this in the period when you were in the chemical weapons inspectors or just down the road in damascus secondly you'd have to see if they've done this if they have launched a very large scale for surely they would have sent in special troops under the cover of the chaos caused by subcontract occupy the area in order precisely to
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prevent kind of films and pictures of merging put a pizza into around the world by the opposition the so-called american fold by the opposition so far the problem arises with the demands of syrian government permit experts to visit to see the syrian government doesn't control the scene of the crime if it's crimes were committed it's up to the rebels if we see no attempt to cross the rebels to call for it so in fact this seems to be probably designed to embarrass the syrian government say why didn't you let the experts go to the scene where in fact they don't control the sea couldn't guarantee their security or even possibly enable them to enter the areas where these attacks were supposed to have taken place. meanwhile filets groups have been taking advantage of the ongoing civil war by gaining control of the chunks of northern syria. best to gauge how the uprising is breathing new life into the militant organization while washington says
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he has crippled al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan wising from the ashes of the arab spring is new all different affiliated groups metastasizing in the middle east and africa feeling more and more comfortable in countries torn apart by terror in the north of syria in the territories presumably controlled by the rebels the al qaeda affiliated is planning to announce an islamic state terror is not the only way they're winning support their exercising its soft power to somewhere between preaching terror here you see militants doing some ice cream diplomacy with children and all kind of sponsored ice cream contests for kids what could be more innocent all kind of mind it or affiliated groups feel very comfortable in the post revolution chaos of libya in iraq after a decade of civil war still stages terror on a regular basis in less than a week more than two thousand prisoners many of them all qaeda fighters have escaped from prisons in iraq libya and pakistan those were violent raids around the
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same time washington closed almost two dozen of its missions in the middle east and africa fearing some major terrorist attack and yet at the same time washington says this as a result of the enormous pressure we've put on the group we have eliminated all of al qaeda senior leadership in afghanistan and pakistan and because the current leaders leaders of al qaeda core so worried about their personal safety they're far less able to plan attacks the question some ask is how can washington simultaneously be sole paranoid about the war on terror and be so dismissive of the threat of terror at the same time in different countries the u.s. has repeated we put the. threat of terror on the back burner for some greater goal in of ghana's than the goal was to defeat the soviet union the us directly helped al qaeda and bin laden there in iraq the goal was to get rid of saddam hussein there was no al qaeda in iraq before the civil war broke out following the us invasion now in syria the greater goal is to remove assad from power too often
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would helping al qaida directly or indirectly become the tradeoff that the us was willing to make to achieve a greater goal whatever it was but having made the trade off the us would then spend decades fighting what it had spurt in washington i'm going to. and right after the break. out of prison look at means what it means for the nation's thieving society. wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. but i will only react to situations i have read the reports to the players and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say it's ok because i'm going to. say no more weasel words. when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a. pretty tough speech in a little town different costs. you're watching us here line from moscow welcome back egypt's toppled dictator
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hosni mubarak has left jail and been moved to a military hospital where he will remain on to house arrest the former president still awaiting a retrial of his complicity in the killing of hundreds of protesters in the twenty eleven revolution our correspondent reports now from kyra i know. this was the chant the united to his square and the nation and the barak get out during two thousand and eleven january revolution millions called for thirty years of dictatorship to come to an end a year later with hosni mubarak on trial the nation was still hopeful for justice the crowds called for the aged autocrat to be sentenced to death but now off to several rounds of deadly street bias that led to two coups in just a few t.v.'s korea is empty. the minute she overseeing a second transitional period and the one time leader is out of prison the country
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is going to be unsafe because his release will only inflame the situation people are afraid that he might make a return as president people came to the streets in two thousand and eleven also going for the ouster of hosni mubarak and bread freedom and social justice but years later the situation in cross the country is a lot worse the daily street battles that broke egypt have left hundreds dead economy is in freefall tourism has dried up and sectarian violence is on the rice with the release of hosni mubarak from prison for many this is the final straw. with the release means to january revolution didn't happen and also didn't happen writes one by the revolution and the martyrs are now lost i don't log you know no more a court order the deposed leader be freed from this prison in cairo although he still faces a retrial for his alleged in. evolvement in the killing of protesters and will be kept under house arrest some feel the court system has let him down there are claims of vital evidence in the proceedings had been destroyed in the country who
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were disappointed in how the trial went they were hoping that the country would try harder and keep him behind bars but swear angry because we didn't want him to be out activists who are planning new protests say freeing of the ex-president is another sign that the army backed government is trying to back the clock i feel that we haven't progressed at all right now with mubarak's release is symbolic of where we are now in the revolution i mean we never really managed to change anything at the top and this is why this is just a perfect reflection of our inability to change anything really and this is why we have to keep going forward but with his release it seems to me like we have a lot of work to do. in the meantime the eighty five year old mubarak will stay in a minute she hospital to await his next court appearance which is likely to trigger more protests and that's the last thing the divided country needs right now. for
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our kyra. and. hama and things the current military backed government has plenty of mubarak supporters within its ranks of simply prepare expo's from prison. it comes at the total no surprise that mubarak was released at the end of the day it was sisi and the military junta releasing their boss and it's the judges the corrupt judges are releasing the one person and the head of the state that people went out on the twenty fifth of january revolution to talk to what we're seeing now is not only the return of the mubarak regime it's actually the return of the head of the arcade game as well egyptians went out on the twenty fifth of january revolution we wanted a free country and we wanted the judiciary to actually be that that represents the people not the one that it was appointed by mubarak it's it comes as no surprise at all that those who oppose where appointed by mubarak are the ones that actually got
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him released from prison. time now to check out some stories and she's web team has lined up for you exhausted by the hustle and bustle of air travel as we know it well launch your own solo flights not as hooking up those with plenty of spare change with a chance to follow in the footsteps followed by a flow being up with historic launch pad read all about it online. and this time sticking away ahead of us trial it's federal election in september judah son there's a mean to clinch a seat in the senate with his weekly leaks party as admission that neglecting his brainchild you can find out why online. right to see. her story. and i think that you're. on our reporters would.
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be in the. more than fifty thousand people have now been affected by massive flooding in russia's far east while the west hate sports continues to be the. water levels in some parts of this region have already broken records that have stood since the eight hundred seventy six hundred and forty two centimeters in the authorities say that at the moment the water stands out above seven meters and with the rain set to continue on the water levels continuing to rise we could push the eight metre mark which puts the city in real jeopardy now the problem is being caused by the river which you can see behind me it's boston's banks and the real fear is now that it's going to trickle in and start to submerge the city authorities are working around the clock to try and prevent that from happening you
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can see the sandbags behind me dams have been built but the problem is the water levels continue to rise the dams need to rise with them so it's a twenty four seventh's around the clock job to try and reinforce the city around eight hundred fifty people have so far been evacuated from the city or to be asked to leave their property some decided to stay some have decided to go those that have gone have been housed in temporary accommodation centers in places like schools and sports arenas and sports complex is the authorities say they can house around four thousand five hundred from the city at the moment although that figure is expected to rise to about ten thousand should the problem we are right two planes of humanitarian aid are also heading this way from moscow including things such as food drinking water and medicine president vladimir putin is heading this way early next week along with prime minister dmitri medvedev and they're expected to assess the damage which at the moment is mainly the rule of the remote areas on the outskirts of the city where entire communities have been submerged and
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destroyed but the fear is with the water level still rising this city could be at risk and the problem could yet get a lot worse and some more international news this hour for you. bombed a militant target south of beirut in retaliation for cross border strikes the day before although their types were claimed by al-qaeda linked to harvest some reports say israeli jets hit a palestinian group that maintains a military base in lebanon and supports the syrian regime of thursday the israeli army's missile shield reportedly intercepted one of four rockets fired from lebanon two of the missiles landed in the zero causing damage but no casualties while a third fell short. the operator of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant tepco has admitted it needs overseas help to contain the radioactive fallout that's up to one of the temporary tanks used to store highly contaminated water sprang a leak this week the incident saw the discharge of as much as three hundred tons of
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radioactive liquid japan's nuclear watchdog says it is the most serious crisis to hit the devastated area says the post another meltdown in twenty eleven. a converted russian ballistic missile has successfully put a south korean imagine satellite into orbit the launch took place from an underground so slow in the southern euros on thursday under the so-called in the near bit of program known by western observers as satan during the cold war the russian missiles began to be changed into carrier rockets in the one nine hundred ninety s. they've never a program is run by russia together with ukraine in kazakhstan and after today an outcry did eighteen successful launches. and next abby martin picks up her sledgehammer to bash the mainstream media for what is missing as in breaking the set.
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they say geo politics is a lot like a schoolyard and while obama snubbing a meeting with the president of russia to in theory punish him for the stone incident sounds kind of amateur that is the kind of stuff the girl you did when you're sixteen would do cancel a date just to show you how much your feelings are hurt let's not mistake the canceled meeting with cutting off diplomatic relations which is the total rejection of any form of discussion with another country which really sends a bold and possibly dangerous buckle message but obama did was more like a minor annoyance he knows that he will talk to putin again in the near future i mean how are they not going to talk in the next g. eight summit what is he just going to have to hide behind merkel the whole time and hope it works out or ducked behind the shrimp cocktail whatever here's a russian accent one could argue that to appease republicans he had to do something
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to look strong after the student but this grandstanding just comes across a silly passing something like a new jackson verda commandment yeah that is how you could show people that you're really mad even if your anger is irrational because stone pretty much did the right thing but that's just my opinion. and this is a pretty good indication free storage free range free . three stooges free. old free book video for your media projects c.e.o. don carty dot com. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i got so. i mean. i. really miss. the old very closely
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the. worst for the. white house or for the. radio guy minutes from a big stick. what we're about to give you never seen anything like this until it. was up guys on how do you martin well after nine hundred days of being held with no charges whistleblower i mean private bradley manning finally took to the stand yesterday to speak for the first time in his case and today he did the same thing provided more details on his harsh treatment on confinement manning spoke of his experience in leg irons which are handcuffs that essentially chain your legs together and his treatment solitary was locked up for twenty three hours
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a day so it was so traumatizing that when he was finally transferred to a medium security prison in two thousand and eleven he felt uneasy moving freely around his cell block manning was subjected to additional restraints story a nine month period where he was confined to scratching suicide prevention bedding and every night he was forced to strip down naked even being made to remove his eyeglasses and reading material from his cell but yet the military contends the treatment was proper. that's interesting that one government proper treatment is another man's torture so let's break that set. the are. you ever seen anything like that. so guys i know that troll going to troll and hate is going to hate but instead of calling out the trolls today i want to highlight some of the awesome coverage breaking this that has been.


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